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Do you know to avoid these mistakes with car insurance claims?

Your recent car accident left you with a lot to think about and several loose ends to tie up. Do you know the right way to go about filing an auto insurance claim without making avoidable mistakes?

U.S. News & World Report offers tips for bettering your chances of your insurance carrier accepting your claim. Learn how to give yourself one less thing to worry about as you recover from your incident on Ohio’s roads.

Filing when it does not make sense

Before you give in to your knee-jerk reaction to file a claim, take a moment to think about whether doing so makes sense. Consider your current deductible cost, if filing a claim could increase your premiums and the potential cost of the repair. When you do the math, you could be better off paying for repairs out of your pocket rather than going through your insurance provider.

Agreeing with your coverage provider

You may want to put all your trust in your insurance agent, but doing so may not always be the right move. Inaccurate information or baseless reasoning on your provider’s part could be the reason that you receive a claim denial. Do not accept a denial at face value.

Failing to provide adequate documentation

Before submitting your claim, double-check that you submitted enough documentation. That means including the police report if you received one after the accident. Also, communicating with your agent and claims adjuster via email helps leave a paper trail that you may rely on later if you have to prove your case.

Navigate the claims-filing process with caution. A single misstep could result in it taking longer for you to recover from your auto accident physically and financially.

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