Do I Really Need To Call A Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Following a bicycle accident, many things need your attention—primarily medical care. However, you should never neglect the importance of calling a bicycle accident lawyer. Searching “bicycle accident attorney near me” into Google could save you from a world of trouble. 

The correct lawyer can help secure your rights and benefits against large insurance companies. That allows you to focus on what matters—rest and healing. 

This Sandel Law Firm article will describe how bicycle accident lawyers play a role in your healthy recovery. And help you decide when it’s time to pick up the phone. Continue reading below for more information. 

What Defines a Bicycle Accident?

A “bicycle accident” is a road collision involving a motor vehicle and a bicycle. In most cases, the careless actions of one party are responsible and thus at fault. If it is not evident which party was careless, it’s up to those involved to prove their case definitively. 

Below, we continue to discuss this by analyzing the difference between simple accidents and bicycle crashes. 

Bicycle Crash vs. Bicycle Accident

Many use the terms “bicycle accident” and “bicycle crash” interchangeably. However, the term “accident” does not do the collision justice. There are many cases where a bicyclist is seriously harmed or fatally struck. According to the CDC, nearly 1,000 cyclists die, and over 130,000 are injured in crashes yearly.

Such statistics tell us that using the word “accident” may be incorrect. 

Why Is It So Important To Call a Bicycle Accident Lawyer After a Cyclist Accident

Why Is It So Important To Call a Bicycle Accident Lawyer After a Cyclist Accident?

This article includes the definition of a bicycle accident, the difference between terms, and even statistics. However, we have yet to grace the most crucial topic and answer the primary question of this article. Below, we include the top five reasons you should get a bicycle accident lawyer on your side.

Your Complete Recovery is Given Priority

Unlike insurance companies, a bicycle accident lawyer will always have your compensation and recovery as their top priority. That allows you to focus on your well-being—all the time.

Avoid Legal Pitfalls

Being in a bicycle accident does not come with a complete understanding of the laws. Without an experienced bicycle accident lawyer, you could unintentionally slip into various legal pitfalls.

Your Legal Interests Are Completely Safeguarded

Most parties involved in the accident are not on your side. They simply have a job to fulfill. If you want to protect your legal interests, your best option is a bicycle accident lawyer. 

Make a Claim for the Compensation You Are Entitled To

Insurance companies grant you the lowest compensation they can, far less than you deserve. However, a lawyer can force the insurance companies to give you your due compensation. And ensure you have the resources to support a healthy recovery. 

Get Professional Help Proving FaultGet Professional Help Proving Fault

It’s up to the parties involved to prove who was at fault. In most cases, it won’t be easy. So to ensure that you aren’t blamed for another’s negligence, you need a bicycle accident lawyer on your side. 

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