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Do I Really Need a Dog Bite Lawyer?

It doesn’t get better than having a furry friend of your own. 

But sometimes, a wagging tail can tuck and someone else’s dog will start growling. Their furry friend might not be feeling so friendly after all. 

A dog bite is scary. And the aftermath can be even scarier, when you need to find a dog bite lawyer to help you win compensation for physical pain and emotional pain. 

You cannot always expect a dog bite. But you can prepare yourself for the unexpected now. If you or your family members ever experience a dog bite, you will not have to waste precious time typing “dog bite lawyers near me” into your phone. Read on to learn about why you need a dog bite lawyer, and how you can find the right one. 

Is it Worth Suing for a Dog Bite?

You might be feeling embarrassed about suing the owner of the dog that bit you. Maybe this owner is your next-door neighbor and you do not want to take legal action against them. 

But if a dog bite leaves you as an injured person, or with mental anguish because of it, then it could be 100 percent worth it. 

Think of the lost wages when you have to spend your typical working hours in the hospital, or at your doctor’s office. Then consider the money you would have to spend on medical bills at all. 

Suffering from a dog bite is not your fault. So you should not have to pay for the consequences of one. 

And the best news is that you often will not have to go to court at all. Your dog bite lawyer has experience in filing injury claims to get you the compensation you deserve out of court by working with the insurance company of the dog’s owner. 

Is it Worth Getting an Injury LawyerIs it Worth Getting an Injury Lawyer?

Lawyers for dog bites are personal injury lawyers. And there is no reason not to hire a dog bite lawyer. 

First, the best dog bite attorney will offer a free consultation to evaluate your case. 

Then, they can help you sort out the details, including whether you should file a claim or a lawsuit. 

You already have things to worry about, like getting your bodily functions back to normal and heading back to work. Your dog bite lawyer will help you with the legal aspects of your specific case. 

So make that first step into a dog bite law firm, and you will soon realize just how “worth it” it all really is. 

The Ohio Dog Bite Law – Ohio’s “Strict Liability” Dog Bite Statute

All state laws vary for dog bites, like they do with other personal injury matters, such as a vehicle accident. 

In Ohio, for example, there is not a particular statute of limitations for dog bites. These fall under the broader “personal injury” category. 

As far as Ohio’s statute of limitations here, you typically have a maximum of two years after a dog bites you to file for legal compensation. 

And for Ohio’s strict liability dog bite statute, the dog’s owner or handler is liable for any injury that dog causes if

  • The dog causes the injury with its behavior
  • You, as the injured person, were not “committing or attempting to commit criminal trespass or another criminal offense other than a minor misdemeanor” and 
  • The injured person (you) was not “teasing, tormenting or abusing the dog”

Why Should You Hire a Dog Bite Lawyer?

Let’s discuss why you should hire a dog bite lawyer with the seven following reasons… 

To Get Medical Records

You need help from a law office with the right experience and professionalism. 

Other sorts of professional help do not have the experience or access to the proper documents that will hold up in court. 

But a dog bite lawyer can get your medical and other necessary records to win your case. 

For Witness Testimony

Think of a car accident. After that type of personal injury, you need witness testimony and the right documents to settle your case. 

Remember that dog bite injuries count as a personal injury too, where you will need witness testimony and more to get the right compensation. 

Your lawyer will know how to get this sort of information. 

Negotiating With Any Insurance Company

Insurance companies are out to save the most money possible. While this is a valuable business model, it does not have your best interests at heart. 

A lot of insurance companies use tricky tactics to avoid getting you the compensation you deserve. But your attorney will know how to deal with this, and negotiate with them for your benefit. 

Representation in CourtRepresentation in Court

Often, you can settle your dog bite case out of court with the help of a dog bite lawyer. 

But sometimes, it does have to go to court. And you will not know how to deal with that in the same way that a seasoned attorney does. 

Win Damages Caused by Emotional Harm

Dog bites do not just lead to physical injury. 

They can also cause you emotional distress, and you may need counseling to cope. But why should you pay to heal for something that was not your fault? 

The right lawyer can win you damages to help. 

Understand the Personal Injury Claims Process

The personal injury claims process can get confusing. 

But a personal injury lawyer who specializes in dog bites knows how to stay abreast of this process. They can help you every step of the way. 

To Claim the Best Financial Outcome

You deserve compensation to deal with everything that comes with a dog bite. 

There are claims, doctor’s office visits and lost wages to contend with. 

Your lawyer should have the skills and experience to win you the best compensation available. 

What Do You Do After a Dog Bite?

Do you need a dog bite lawyer, or a personal injury lawyer, to help you with your case

Kevin Sandel of The Sandel Law Firm is here to help. 

The Sandel Law Firm is a full-service personal injury law firm. And Kevin Sandel has the insider knowledge it takes to win your case after working inside an insurance company. 

You can check out our blog for more helpful personal injury tips, news and advice. 

And when you need a personal injury law firm who will seek justice on your behalf, contact The Sandel Law Firm today for your free consultation. 

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