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Do I need to settle my truck accident lawsuit?

A collision with a large truck or other commercial vehicle can be a shattering experience for an Akron resident. As they recuperate from their injuries and contemplate how they will keep up with their bills as they miss time from work, they may be contacted by agents for the trucking company regarding a possible settlement of their claims. The settlement may offer a substantial amount of money to the victim and may appear to be a good deal for them in their current situation.

While settlements of this nature can be advantageous to some commercial vehicle accident victims, it is important that victims understand what they are giving up when they agree to settle their accident claims. When a victim accepts a settlement offer after an accident, they generally must waive any future rights to sue the responsible party or parties on their legal claims and, therefore, their rights regarding the accident are effectively cut off by their acceptance of the settlement money.

For a victim whose injuries are minor and who is expected to make a full recovery, a settlement may be a reasonable way to receive adequate compensation and avoid the hassle of litigation. However, if a victim suffers serious and life-altering injuries, the amount offered in their settlement may not be enough to compensate them for their future of pain and suffering. For some victims, litigation is a better option when settlement will not provide them with what they need to survive.

All legal cases are different and, as such, individuals with pending commercial accident claims should discuss their options with their personal injury attorneys. While some cases will benefit from settlement, others may find success in court as the victims fight for their rights to damages through litigation for their commercial vehicle accident injuries.

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