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Distracted driving affects truckers, commercial vehicle drivers

When Akron residents think of distracted drivers, they likely think of teens and young adults with cell phones in their hands while they are behind the wheels of their cars. This imagery is not inaccurate: young drivers have caused and have been involved in dangerous distracted driving accidents throughout the nation due to their use of texting and other communication devices.

However, practically all portions of the driving population engage in distracted driving, even one that some readers may not have initially considered. Truck drivers and drivers of commercial vehicles, just like drivers of private vehicles, can and do drive with distractions when their attention should be on the roads.

Distracted truck driving is not permissible. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has prohibited texting and driving by commercial vehicle drivers. These drivers may not permissibly send or read text messages, have to reach for their phones to access them, or have to press more than one button in order to activate their phones’ voice controls.

A distracted truck driver is a major menace to others out on the roads. When a driver’s attention is away from the road and on their phone they are not capable of seeing and responding to changing traffic conditions or to the important signage and signals that direct all vehicles and keep motorists safe. A commercial vehicle driver who misses a stop sign could cause a devastating accident if they collide with crossing traffic as they read or send text messages.

No one should text and drive, or drive subject to other distractions. Victims of distracted driving collisions with trucks and other commercial vehicles have rights and can, dependent upon their cases, be compensated for their losses.

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