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Death Lawyer: Can You Sue for Covid 19 Death?

What is a Death Lawyer?

A death lawyer, more popularly known as a wrongful death lawyer, is someone who handles a lawsuit after the death of a loved one due to a criminal act or negligence. 

Nothing can bring your loved one back, but a death lawyer is responsible to do anything within their capacity to ensure you receive as much justice as possible for your loss. 

They do this by investigating the event that led to your loved one’s death, determining its liability and filing a civil lawsuit on your behalf to seek maximum compensation. 

Hiring a wrongful death lawyer is a critical step in finding closure. They also help guide you through all the overwhelming legalities during your time of grieving.

Can You Sue for a Covid 19 Death?

The simple answer is yes. Covid 19 is still as prominent as ever– cases and deaths are still on the rise, which means so are the number of lawsuits filed on employers. 

Depending on the state in which you live, certain legal protections may have been passed to make it more difficult for plaintiffs to sue. Check your state’s legal liability protections to see what can be done. Your wrongful death lawyer can help you with this and can determine how to move forward in your case.

Who Has the Legal Right to Sue for Wrongful Death?


The surviving spouse of the loved one who has passed is certainly entitled to order a wrongful death lawsuit and it is typically the most common plaintiff to file amongst wrongful death cases.



The child of the deceased, assuming they are a minor, can sue only in cases when the living parent files on behalf of the minor or when no living spouse exists. The executor of the child’s deceased parent’s estate can be granted the ability to sue as well.

Generally, adult children of the deceased receive less compensation compared to minors as they are less dependant on their parents for financial support. Keep in mind, these laws can vary depending on the state.


Siblings do have the ability to sue in a wrongful death case if their brother or sister has passed away due to negligence or wrongful acts. But again, this varies from state to state so be sure to check if you are qualified where you live. 

For example, some states have a ranking that first allows the spouses to access a claim. If there is no living spouse, the right then passes to the children, then to the parents and then finally to the siblings.


In the event a child passes away at the fault of another party, the parents of that child are entitled to hiring a wrongful death lawyer and filing a claim. This claim can be filed jointly even if the parents are separated or divorced.

The only instance where parents can’t sue is when the child has a surviving spouse or children. If that is the case, they will have a higher claim on the case.

Estate Representative

As said above, in certain states, an estate representative is entitled to file a lawsuit for the child or children of whom has passed. In the situation where the family also happens to be deceased, the estate representative is applicable to take action.

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