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Certain drivers must hold commercial drivers’ licenses

Anyone who wants to legally drive a personal vehicle in Ohio must first obtain a driving credential. That credential could be a permit, which gives a driver supervised options for operating motor vehicles, or a license, which allows them to drive on their own. Additionally, drivers of commercial vehicles must also obtain licenses and those licenses are different than those required of individual drivers.

For example, a commercial driver’s license requires a driver to pass certain tests that challenge their knowledge, skills, and abilities to operate certain commercial vehicles. Those vehicles include multi-trailer trucks, tanker trucks, passenger vehicles like buses, and trucks that carry hazardous materials. These vehicles pose certain dangers to individuals on the roads and, as such, those who drive them must be properly trained on how to maneuver them.

A person who drives one of these commercial vehicles without a license puts themselves and others at risk. Because these vehicles are challenging to turn, slow to stop, and offer low visibility to their drivers, they can be much harder to control than regular cars, trucks, and vans. A person who attempts to operate a commercial vehicle without the proper license can cause a devastating accident and put others’ lives at risk.

When involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, a victim may wish to investigate the type of license that the driver was using at the time of their crash. The failure of a truck driver to obtain the right type of license may expose them to liability if their actions on the road cause accidents and injuries to others.

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