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How can truckers prevent fatigued driving?

Fatigued driving is a major risk for commercial truckers. Being on the road long hours, rushing to make tight deadlines, and lack of sleep can all combine to create dangerous conditions on the road. Much like driving under the influence, driving while drowsy diminishes response time, impairs judgement, and increases the risk you will be … Read more

What is the adverse driving conditions exception?

Drowsy driving is a leading cause of truck accidents throughout the nation. If you have been in a truck accident, you understand just how devastating these accidents can be, as they can result in severe or disabling injuries, extensive property damage and even death.  To reduce the number of preventable drowsy driving accidents involving big … Read more

Injured in a truck accident? Consider vicarious liability

A truck accident can leave you devastated. Sure, your vehicle might be totaled, but the personal injuries you suffer are much more important. These injuries can be extensive, too, oftentimes leaving victims with long-term, sometimes lifelong, damage. The physical and emotional toll can be great, but so, too, can the financial harm that is thrust … Read more

Semi driver runs stop sign, kills another driver

Accidents involving semi-trailer trucks often seem simple and straightforward, but untangling the legal relationships between the owner of the truck, any lessee of the truck, the driver, any firm employing the driver other than the owner or lessor and any other firm with a legal interest in the truck can be complicated. A relatively simple recent … Read more

Sleep apnea could factor into some truck accidents

Most Akron residents can recall a time when they felt as though they could fall asleep anywhere — standing up, at their desks or even behind the wheel of their vehicles. Drowsy driving has gained more attention recently and is often cited as one of the most underreported reasons for crashes. Some people have trouble … Read more

Injuries and deaths increase in out-of-control truck accidents

Crashes involving passenger vehicles have the potential for causing substantial injuries and deaths. Those odds increase in truck accidents due to the increase in size and weight. What makes this type of accident even worse is when a truck is out of control. It could slam into numerous vehicles before coming to a stop, and … Read more

Inadequate maintenance can lead to truck accidents

If a vehicle fails to receive proper and adequate maintenance, the driver could end up on the side of an Ohio road broken down. For most people, this is the extent of their thinking about maintenance. What they fail to consider is that some maintenance issues lead to serious car and truck accidents. For example, … Read more