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Can I get my own insurance company to pay for my bills?

People don’t often think of it until after they have been in a serious one themselves, but motor vehicle accidents are expensive. Aside from having to repair or replace his or her car, an accident victim may have hefty medical bills. Even an ambulance trip and an overnight stay can cost thousands of dollars, and … Read more

What is a “wrongful death” in Ohio?

When English colonists settled in the New World, they brought along many customs, including the common law. When the United States claimed their independence in 1776, they copied many British laws, including the law of torts. The law of torts covers instances where the negligent conduct of one person injures another. One of the oddities … Read more

Summer marks a dangerous time for teen drivers in Ohio

As school ends and summer begins, there are more drivers on the road. People are traveling, and with kids out of school, there are a higher number of young drivers on the road as well. Ohio readers know that, when there are more people on the road, there is a higher chance of an accident … Read more