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Dog Attack – Know Your Legal Rights

Dog Attack - Know Your Legal Rights

Dogs are everywhere. If you go out into public, you’re likely to encounter dogs from time to time. And even when you’re not in public, you can still encounter dogs that might bite or attack you or your loved ones. Upwards of 4.5M dog bites occur each year in the US, and 800,000 of those … Read more

Dog Bite Law: An Overview

Dog Bite Law An Overview

Media outlets often run emotional headlines like “Dog Bites Child” to describe recent dog attacks. These stories can inspire vigorous debate over dog bite law reform with passionate voices defending both the dog and victim. As a concerned pet owner, you may ask what to do if your dog bites someone? Whether you dog bit … Read more

Do I Really Need a Dog Bite Lawyer?

Do I Really Need a Dog Bite Lawyer_

It doesn’t get better than having a furry friend of your own.  But sometimes, a wagging tail can tuck and someone else’s dog will start growling. Their furry friend might not be feeling so friendly after all.  A dog bite is scary. And the aftermath can be even scarier, when you need to find a … Read more