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Ohio Distracted Driving Law Overview

Ohio Distracted Driving Law Overview

In an age where your cell phone is always an arm’s reach away, distracted driving has become more prevalent and dangerous than ever.  To stay safe on the road and avoid criminal charges, we’re going to share with you what you need to know about the Ohio distracted driving law. What is the Texting and … Read more

If Only I Knew This About Uninsured Motorist Coverage A Year Ago

If Only I Knew This About Uninsured Motorist Coverage A Year Ago

Imagine you were in an auto accident a year ago and the person at fault was an uninsured driver. It happens way more than you may think. According to the last statistics from a 2015 report filed by the IRC, also known as the Insurance Research Council, more than 12.4% of drivers in Ohio are … Read more

How to Win an Auto Accident Case

How to Win in the Auto Accident Case

Automobile collisions can be expensive and harmful. Often they leave their victims with some sort of major financial impact. Unfortunately, many more result in some sort of bodily harm. In either case, wherever damage exists there is an at-fault party. For automobile accidents, finding the at-fault party is not so cut and dry.  The issue … Read more

A single-vehicle accident can leave you with serious injuries

When you think of serious car accidents, you may think of multiple vehicles sustaining considerable damage and the vehicle occupants suffering severe injuries. While this type of scenario could certainly constitute a serious crash, multiple vehicles do not always have to be involved in an accident for it to have devastating outcomes. Single-vehicle crashes can … Read more

How insurance adjusters use social media to deny your claim

Like many, you may find your drive to work frustrating and boring. You distract yourself with your favorite radio station or playlist, and you try not to think about what waits for you at the store or the office. At a traffic light, you may pull out your phone and take a selfie and post … Read more

Here’s a picture of how snapping accident photos may help you

Your favorite song lyrics fill your ears as you move to the music on your way to work. However, seemingly out of nowhere, another motorist strikes your automobile. Suddenly, the sound of colliding metal fills your ears in place of your favorite song, and your desire to dance has died. In addition to being shaken … Read more

Will it ever be possible to stop distracted driving?

Distracted driving is one of the most significant threats to the safety and well-being of Ohio drivers. This has been a growing concern for a number of years, but there is no sign that the problem is diminishing. In fact, due to more cell phone use than ever before and more vehicles coming with distracting … Read more

Taking action after an accident

The moments, hours and days following a motor vehicle accident are often hazy and confusing. You have concern for the condition of your loved ones and uncertainty about what to do next. Being injured, and in pain, may compound your confusion. While being in this condition is certainly not the time to be making important … Read more