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Top Qualities of the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

best motorcycle accident lawyer

Let’s look at a rough timeline of events:  You get in a car crash, or a motorcycle accident. You have to file a police report. You have to then reach out to your insurance company to file an insurance claim. After receiving medical treatment, your medical bills start to pile up. Your insurance company is … Read more

What is the Motorcycle Accident Law in My State?

What is the Motorcycle Accident Law in my State

Cars, trucks, motorcycles– how are they any different from one another when it comes to an accident? How is motorcycle accident law different from auto accident law?  As it turns out, not so different. An accident is scary, no matter what type of vehicle you were in when it happened.  But there are still key … Read more

How To Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

How To Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Think of riding a motorcycle. Your first thought is most likely not “motorcycle accident lawyer.” You might find yourself thinking of a refreshing breeze as you cruise down a long highway.  So no, you might not think of finding motorcycle lawyers right off the bat. But you should.  Unfortunately, motorcycle crashes happen. You need a … Read more

Motorcycle Accident: 7 Tips to Reduce the Risk

Motorcycle Accident 7 Tips to Reduce the Risk

Think of the following words and phrases:  Motorbike crashes. Motorcycle crash. Vehicle crash.  What do words like those make you feel? They probably make you feel anxious, stressed or downright scared.  Now, think about this:  What would you do if you were to get into a motorcycle accident today? You might not know this, but … Read more