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Braking distance and what that could mean for your truck accident

Truck accidents have the capability to cause extreme damage and injury to individuals in small vehicles. Due to the heavier weight and size of these larger vehicles, it is much more difficult to bring a large semitrailer to a complete stop. As a result, braking distance is a significant factor in a large number of Ohio truck accidents.

The men and women who drive large trucks have the obligation to ensure that they are safe and vigilant at all times. In many cases, truck accidents are preventable. If you believe that your accident was the result of a truck driver who did not have sufficient braking distance or was driving recklessly, you could have a valid reason to move forward with a civil claim.

Why are trucks so dangerous?

A truck by itself is not dangerous. In fact, these vehicles play a crucial role in the American economy as they transport goods across the country. However, when the people who drive these vehicles do not receive proper training, drive recklessly or negligently, or allow distractions to steal their concentration, it can have catastrophic results.

A fully loaded truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Not only can this be catastrophic for a smaller vehicle upon impact, it could take much longer for the truck to stop. Braking distance factors into car accidents in the following ways:

  • When traveling at 55 miles per hour, a truck would need approximately 100 yards to come to a complete stop. That is the length of a football field.
  • Reaction time, driver experience and focus can also affect braking distance.
  • A mid-size vehicle needs about half the distance to come to a complete stop that a fully loaded truck needs.
  • The air braking systems in most trucks could impact the time needed for a truck to stop.

If a trucker is following too closely, speeding or driving while distracted, he or she may not have enough time and distance to stop before hitting another vehicle.

Your rights as a truck accident victim

A truck accident can leave victims with significant injuries and extensive losses to their property. If you are suffering after an accident with a semitrailer, you could have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim in an effort to recoup your losses.

It is possible to stand up to insurance companies and hold truckers and trucking companies accountable for their actions, but you would be wise not to attempt this endeavor on your own. You may benefit by reaching out to learn more about your legal options.

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