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Bizarre accident leads to death of Ohio woman

Although collisions between vehicles are not uncommon, not many accidents happen due to debris flying off of automobiles and crashing into others. However, this was just the scenario that took place outside of Dayton earlier this week. The accident occurred on Interstate 75 and involved two vehicles.

A 53-year-old woman was driving south on Interstate 75 when the windshield of her vehicle was struck by a tire. The tire apparently blew off of a minivan that was traveling on the northbound side of the interstate. The impact of the tire hitting the woman’s car caused a serious accident, and the woman lost her life in the ordeal.

The incident took place just before 7 o’clock in the morning and undoubtedly left an Ohio family struggling to understand why this tragedy occurred. Despite the fact that a median wall was present between the victim’s car. And, the minivan and that the tire allegedly hit another car before eventually smashing into the victim’s windshield, the occurrence still caused a victim to lose her life.

The facts of this story are unusual and leave open the possibility for many potential defendants in a wrongful death case. The maintenance of the minivan, the height of the median wall, the speed of the drivers and a multitude of other factors should be considered before liability is assigned and damages are paid out.

After an automobile accident is a good idea for a victim or their family to seek legal help. Waiting to file a personal injury lawsuit may make it harder on a victim to get the help they need. Personal injury attorneys are excellent resources for men and women who are unsure of how to push their civil claims forward.

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