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Biking safety tips may help you stay safe on the road

Biking safety tips may help you stay safe on the road. As a bicyclist, you certainly know that serious dangers and risks exist when biking near roadways. When it comes to staying safe, you likely understand that a considerable amount of responsibility lands on you. By taking the proper safety precautions, you may lessen the chance of your being involved in a serious, injury-causing accident.

Though jumping on your bike for a quick ride may seem fun, you should take the time to carry out safety steps before and during your ride. By adhering to the following examples of bike safety, you may better protect yourself while getting exercise, traveling to an intended destination or simply enjoying a ride.

Think like a driver

While you may not consider yourself a driver when on a bicycle, you could still benefit from applying the rules of the road and defensive driving techniques to your travels. Some ways to ensure that you stay in this mindset include:

  • Traveling with the flow of traffic
  • Follow all traffic laws and signals
  • Avoid risky maneuvers, such as weaving in and out of traffic
  • Remain aware of traffic and other vehicles

Other defensive driving techniques that could apply to bicycling include scanning ahead for potential hazards and obstacles as well as avoiding distractions such as using a cell phone while bicycling.

Take protective precautions

One of the top safety rules of bicycling is to wear a helmet. This and other protective gear could help lessen the injuries you suffer in the event that an accident occurs. Other precautions you could take include:

  • Making yourself more visible by using lights and reflective clothing
  • Ensuring that your bicycle remains in proper working order
  • Looking at drivers and making sure they see you
  • Using hand signals to indicate turns

Though these measures may seem simple or unnecessary, they could potentially prevent an accident from taking place. Many incidents involving bicycles and vehicles occur because a driver did not see the bicyclist.

Addressing an accident

Though much of the responsibility for your safety falls to you, drivers also have an obligation to pay attention to their surroundings and drive cautiously. If a driver fails to yield to you or takes other actions that result in a bicycle accident that leads to your suffering injuries, you may want to consider seeking compensation for those damages. Information on filing personal injury claims in Ohio may help you better understand this legal option.

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