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Avoiding car accidents in winter weather

Whether people are happy about it or not, winter is returning to Ohio. This means snow, ice and cold weather. It also means dangerous road conditions that lead to car accidents. It may be a good time to get a reminder about driving in winter weather.

In addition to making sure vehicles are prepared and emergency kits are in the trunks, other things can be done to help ensure a safe trip no matter what the weather. Of course, if an Ohio resident has the option of not going out in winter weather, this would be optimal. Unfortunately, many do not have that freedom, so they need to remain prepared.

Even if the sun is shining when drivers leave their homes in the morning, conditions could change within a matter of hours. The drive home could become treacherous without warning. During those times, it is important to take steps to increase control over the vehicle.

For instance, avoid using cruise control or the park brake. Increase the distance between vehicles. Speed up and slow down more slowly than under ordinary circumstances. It does not matter what kind of vehicle an individual drives, ice still provides little to no traction.

Keeping these and other suggestions in mind in winter weather may help a driver control his or her vehicle better, but it does not give that person control over other drivers. When drivers make mistakes by not respecting the danger the weather creates on roadways, they cause car accidents. Those who suffer injuries or lose loved ones due to another driver’s failure to drive safely in inclement weather may pursue restitution for the financial losses sustained in connection with the collision.

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