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Auto-pedestrian accidents can easily occur at crash sites

After a motor vehicle crash, the people involved will often exit their vehicles if they are able. When emergency responders arrive, they too, are often in the lanes of travel helping the injured or investigating the crash. With all of these people roaming around, it is not surprising that quite a few auto-pedestrian accidents occur at these scenes.

Early one Thursday morning, an Ohio State Highway Patrol officer was conducting an investigation at an accident scene on U.S. Highway 42 at around 6 a.m. As he was taking photographs from a berm, a southbound van struck him. Preliminary reports indicate the van traveled out of its lane and off the roadway ultimately striking the trooper.

The officer suffered serious injuries. Reportedly, he did not suffer any internal organ injuries. Instead, his injuries were to his hip and back.

His condition was reported as stable that same afternoon. The driver of the southbound van did not suffer any injuries, but could face criminal charges depending on the outcome of the investigation. More than likely, the officer will qualify for workers’ compensation benefits to help with his medical bills, lost wages and more.

However, he may decide to exercise his rights under Ohio law and file a personal injury claim against the van driver. Doing so could allow him to pursue damages not available under the workers’ compensation system. However, like others injured in auto-pedestrian accidents caused by third parties in work-related accidents, he will need to weigh the pros and cons of pursuing a lawsuit. Making that decision could be made easier by obtaining a thorough evaluation of the case from an experienced attorney.

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