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An overweight truck can be a hazard on the road

It may have been a long time since readers of this Ohio personal injury and vehicle accident legal blog have taken high school physics, but some of the foundational principles of the science may still stick with them. They may remember that an object at rest stays at rest but that an object in motion will continue to move at a constant speed and in a consistent direction, as long as it is not acted upon by an opposing force. The greater the mass that the moving object has, the greater the opposing force will need to be to bring it to rest.

Readers are asked to take this quick lesson and to consider it in the context of a large, overweight semi-truck. Large vehicles like semis and other commercial trucks are regulated with regard to how much cargo by weight they may carry. These regulations are in place for several reasons but one of those reasons is to prevent ultra-heavy vehicles from losing control on American roads.

A big truck takes a long time to come to a stop, but a large truck that is overburdened may take even longer to slow and stop before colliding with another vehicle. It may not be possible for a driver to make an overburdened truck respond as they need to prevent accidents, and as such overweight rigs and commercial vehicles can pose serious threats to others on the roads.

There may be no way for the victim of a truck accident to know if the rig that hit they was overweight. However, after an accident an attorney who provides representation for commercial vehicle accident victims may be able to help them ask the right questions to obtain the information they need to secure the recovery of the victim’s damages.

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