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5 Valid Reasons You Need Car Insurance in Ohio

Car insurance feels like yet another frustrating bill taking away your hard-earned money. But it’s more than that– much more.

Car insurance is essential to safeguarding your future financial well-being and legal standing. So before opting out, read this article from Sandel Law Firm for five valid reasons to get Ohio car insurance. You’ll be glad that you took the time. 

Car Insurance Protects You in the Event of an Accident

According to Ohio State Highway Patrol, over 500 thousand car accidents have occurred since August of 2020. 

That tells us two things. Car accidents are much more common than we initially believed. And with the risk so high, car insurance is more important than ever. Depending on your coverage, it can compensate you and other parties for accident-related damages. That means your wallet stays intact. 

If we look at it another way, Ohio car insurance can prevent an unfortunate situation from worsening with complications. There are also serious penalties if you fail to secure Ohio car insurance.

There Are 5 Reasons Why Having Car Insurance in Ohio Is Essential

If what we’ve mentioned isn’t convincing enough, continue reading. We’ll give you five critical reasons why you should have Ohio car insurance as soon as possible. 

To Protect You From Personal Liability

Car insurance is a must if you want to avoid shouldering all the financial fallout of an accident. If you are at fault in the accident without insurance, the other party may file a lawsuit against you. However, with insurance, the other party can file a claim through your insurance provider for their compensation. 

That means you won’t have to pay for anything out of pocket. (Even if you’re responsible for an accident resulting in damage, injury or death.) So to protect your assets, get car insurance. 

It is a requirement by state law

It Is a Requirement by State Law

It is illegal to drive without proof of financial responsibility in Ohio. According to the Ohio Revised Code, financial responsibility is defined as “proof of ability to respond in damages for liability.” Ohio wants to know that should you get into an accident, you have the financial backing to cover the fallout. (For the other party.)

And “proof,” in most cases, is obtained through a licensed insurance carrier. 

Ohio’s financial responsibility law also requires that motorists’ liability coverage reaches the minimum amount of:

  • $25 thousand bodily injury per person
  • $50 thousand bodily injury per accident
  • $25 thousand property damage per accident

It Provides Physical Damage Coverage

Ohio car insurance isn’t only beneficial after car accidents. With physical damage coverage, you can protect your property in the case of fire or theft. That means if someone breaks your window to get into your car, you’ll have the financial coverage to fix it. 

Physical damage coverage may also cover vandalism.

There Are Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

If you drive without insurance or allow an uninsured motorist to use your vehicle, the state won’t let it go. In fact, there are many potential penalties that you could suffer. For instance, you could lose your license, have your vehicle impounded or receive substantial fines.

MedPay coverage for you and your passengersMedPay Coverage for You and Your Passengers

On top of your typical car insurance, you can get additional coverage like MedPay. It will cover a certain amount of medical expenses if you and your passengers are injured. That coverage can allow you and your passengers to focus on healing– another important reason for Ohio car insurance. 

Were you in a recent car accident? Contact Sandel Law Firm today for a free consultation! Whether you have Ohio car insurance or not, contacting an experienced attorney is in your best interest. 

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