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How Frequently Do Pedestrian Accidents Happen?

Are Pedestrian Accidents Common

There’s no doubt about it. Pedestrian accidents are truly frightening, especially pedestrian car accidents. The thought of them alone can keep most people from wandering close to the road when out on a stroll. However, are we right to fear them as much as we do? Are pedestrian accidents as common as our fears tell … Read more

Car Accident Claims Guide: How An Attorney Can Help You

Car Accident Claims Guide_ How An Attorney Can Help You

A car accident claim is a request for financial compensation from an insurance company by a driver. The driver, in this situation, typically has vehicle damage or a physical injury from a car accident. In the United States, about $170 billion in car accident claims payments are made by insurance companies each year.  According to … Read more

5 Valid Reasons You Need Car Insurance in Ohio

ohio car insurance

Car insurance feels like yet another frustrating bill taking away your hard-earned money. But it’s more than that– much more. Car insurance is essential to safeguarding your future financial well-being and legal standing. So before opting out, read this article from Sandel Law Firm for five valid reasons to get Ohio car insurance. You’ll be … Read more

Collecting Evidence From Personal injuries

Collecting Evidence From Personal injuries

After an accident with injuries, you know safety is the most important thing. You must ensure that everyone involved is in good condition with the help they need. However, if you feel that your injury sprang from another’s negligence, there’s another step.  That is, collecting evidence.  Gathering evidence is crucial. With the proper evidence verifying … Read more

Timeline Of A Personal Injury Case

Timeline Of A Personal Injury Case

Once another’s negligence injures you, you have the right to seek the appropriate compensation with a personal injury case. We believe that’s true regardless of how you’re injured (Slip-and-fall, car accident, motorcycle accident, medical malpractice, etc.). But without previous experience, it can be hard to know what to expect.  That’s why you need a personal … Read more