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Do I Really Need To Call A Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Do I Really Need To Call A Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Following a bicycle accident, many things need your attention—primarily medical care. However, you should never neglect the importance of calling a bicycle accident lawyer. Searching “bicycle accident attorney near me” into Google could save you from a world of trouble.  The correct lawyer can help secure your rights and benefits against large insurance companies. That … Read more

Ohio Bicycle Accident Statistics You Should Know

Bicycle Laws 101_ State of Ohio

Riding a bicycle seems like a joyful adventure on the road. It’s good exercise and a fun hobby. However, as cars speed by and turns become fierce, one must ask, how dangerous is riding a bike? In other words, how likely are you to get into a bicycle accident in Ohio? That’s what this article … Read more

Bicycle Laws 101: State of Ohio

Bicycle Laws 101 State of Ohio

Are you hitting the road with your new bicycle? Wait. It’s a bad idea to head out on your bicycle without understanding Ohio bicycle laws! Doing so could endanger you and others on the roadway. It may also lead to dealing with the police as you accidentally cross a line you shouldn’t have. To avoid … Read more

Disabled Truck in Highway Resulted in Willful Misconduct

Disabled Truck on Highway Resulted in Willful Misconduct

One of the most popular examples of willful misconduct is Alfonso v. Robinson in 1999. And the case is not your ordinary vehicular collision on the roadway but a crime borne of blatant disregard for the safety of other motorists. We’ll dig deeper into the willful and wanton negligence in the Alfonso v. Robinson case … Read more

Truck Accident: Large Trucks – Injury Data and Statistics

Truck Accident_ Large Trucks - Injury Data and Statistics

Car accidents can be horrible, certainly for the two parties that are typically involved. However, large truck accidents can result in an enormous amount of damage that impacts many drivers on the road. They can even cause hold-ups that span miles back. And as large truck accidents become more common, the need to understand the … Read more