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Do you know to avoid these mistakes with car insurance claims?

Your recent car accident left you with a lot to think about and several loose ends to tie up. Do you know the right way to go about filing an auto insurance claim without making avoidable mistakes? U.S. News & World Report offers tips for bettering your chances of your insurance carrier accepting your claim. Learn … Read more

Speeding driver runs red light, kills woman in auto accident

Drivers in Akron and throughout Ohio will understand the importance of adhering to the basic traffic laws. It is a fundamental part of safe driving to stop at a red light and to drive while sober. Unfortunately, many drivers do not follow the law and cause car accidents. Often, these collisions result in catastrophic injuries … Read more

Don’t be too quick to accept a car accident settlement offer

Errant drivers, and their insurance providers, often quickly approach car accident victims with settlement offers that they hope will quickly resolve the matter. If you’re in this situation, then you need to recognize that these parties are not your friends. They might seem nice when they willingly offer you money to settle any potential claim, … Read more