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Jackson Township woman sentenced in pedestrian death

A well-known, much loved 73-year-old North Canton man was struck and killed by a driver on a snowy night in February 2020.  Though it was an accident, the woman who caused that death has now been sentenced. The man was attempting to assist drivers who had been involved in a crash on the road in … Read more

How pervasive is the drowsy driving problem in the U.S.?

Not everyone in Ohio has a traditional nine-to-five job. Some workers, such as healthcare workers, work long 12-hour shifts. Other workers, such as truck drivers, drive overnight instead of during the day. And certain workers such as security officers or some call center employees work the third shift instead of first-shift. However, these workers may … Read more

Alcohol may have a role in fatal Madison Twp. accident

Sorting out liability in a multi-vehicle traffic accident can be a difficult task. In some cases, no witnesses are available. In others, the need for a painstaking accident reconstruction may delay the release of the necessary information. In a recent accident in Butler County, the police appear to have tentatively identified the negligent driver who caused … Read more