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Three-vehicle accident kills one, seriously injures three

Sorting out the split-second events that led to death or serious injury in an automobile collision can be a difficult, painstaking task. Sometimes, the chain of events is clear or easily inferred from the post-accident position of the vehicles and accident debris. A recent three-vehicle collision near the intersection of Ohio Highway 101 and Ohio Highway 2 … Read more

What is accident reconstruction?

Many reports of automobile accidents in Ohio end with the phrase, “Police are continuing to investigate the accident.” What exactly does this sentence mean? How can police continue to investigate an accident after the vehicles, debris and victims have been removed from the scene? The answer lies in two topics: a thorough examination of the … Read more

Multi-vehicle crash in Columbus leaves one dead, several injured

When police officers are called to the scene of a multi-vehicle accident, their first duty is locating and assisting persons who were injured in the collision. Secondarily, they must locate and identify any individuals that died in the accident. Their tasks are complicated by the fact that they are also required to inspect and record … Read more

Semi driver runs stop sign, kills another driver

Accidents involving semi-trailer trucks often seem simple and straightforward, but untangling the legal relationships between the owner of the truck, any lessee of the truck, the driver, any firm employing the driver other than the owner or lessor and any other firm with a legal interest in the truck can be complicated. A relatively simple recent … Read more

What is a “wrongful death” in Ohio?

When English colonists settled in the New World, they brought along many customs, including the common law. When the United States claimed their independence in 1776, they copied many British laws, including the law of torts. The law of torts covers instances where the negligent conduct of one person injures another. One of the oddities … Read more