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Don’t dismiss whiplash injuries from car accidents

Anytime a crash occurs on an Ohio roadway, the individuals involved run the risk of suffering serious injury. Even low speed car accidents can result in dangerous health conditions, and the victims may not even realize it at first. Whiplash may be the punch line to some people’s jokes, but it is actually a potentially serious … Read more

This one issue is common to every auto-pedestrian accident

Many Ohio residents know that walking is good for their health. However, they also know that it could be hazardous. You risk suffering serious injuries anytime you are around vehicles as you walk. This is the one issue that is common to every auto-pedestrian accident — the person walking tends to suffer more severe injuries, … Read more

Avoiding car accidents in winter weather

Whether people are happy about it or not, winter is returning to Ohio. This means snow, ice and cold weather. It also means dangerous road conditions that lead to car accidents. It may be a good time to get a reminder about driving in winter weather. In addition to making sure vehicles are prepared and … Read more

Crossing the center line leads to many car accidents

Wrong-way crashes may not happen as often as other types of wrecks, but they often result in catastrophic results. The media may focus on the more sensational wrong-way car accidents that occur on interstates and highways across the country, including those here in Ohio. Sadly, many of these accidents occur on rural roadways that have only a … Read more