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Emergency responders can end up in car accidents, too

When it comes to emergency responders, most Ohio residents think of them arriving to help after a catastrophe occurs. They arrive at scenes of car accidents, fires, and other events in which people need their help and rely on them to take care of them. Often, this is what happens, but sometimes, emergency responders become … Read more

Passengers have no control in distracted driving car accidents

As passengers in motor vehicles, Ohio residents put their lives in the hands of the drivers. In many cases, it does not matter since the group reaches its destination without incident. However, if the driver becomes distracted, the worst could happen, and passengers will have no control over whether car accidents occur. The Ohio State … Read more

Fall driving dangers

Car accidents occur all the time, but as fall is ramping up, there are some dangers that you may have forgotten to watch out for. This post will look at different factors that lead to more accidents in the autumn season. Environmental factors Rain: Rain can pose a significant hazard to drivers in the fall. … Read more