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2 auto-pedestrian accidents raise questions about road safety

Nearly every city and town in Ohio, or anywhere else in the country for that matter, has at least one road and/or intersection where the number of crashes is inordinately high. Some even have higher instances of auto-pedestrian accidents than others do. When this happens, people in the area often wonder why something is not done in order to fix the problem.

Some residents in a particular area are asking that question right now. In two days, two pedestrians lost their lives on the same road. One local woman said she avoids jogging on the road in question because she does not feel safe doing so. Apparently, she is just one person who wonders whether some changes need to be made to the road to make it safer.

The second accident happened on a Thursday afternoon just before 4:50 p.m. A large vehicle swerved onto the road’s shoulder then back onto the roadway. Unfortunately, when it did, it struck a pedestrian.

Then, the victim hit the pavement. First responders transported the man to the hospital, but it was too late. Hospital personnel pronounced him dead shortly after his arrival. It is not known whether the driver will face criminal charges in connection with this accident.

Even though the drivers involved in auto-pedestrian accidents are ordinarily included in any personal injury or wrongful death claims filed in their aftermath, other parties may also bear some legal liability. Some inquiries will more than likely need to be made in order to know for sure. Because a review of Ohio law may be in order, those wishing to file civil claims may benefit from making use of the legal resources in their areas.

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